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Jedi Training…

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So TRUE! I’m hungry…

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A little insight on the Munroe household… my kids love to dress up!  They do it all the time.  Gavin is rarely seen in my house WITHOUT his Superman costume on his body.  (That Superman costume was from last Halloween.  It’s a bit too small.)   So when Halloween rolls around, and my kids are stuck in a Target shopping cart staring at all of the new costumes out for the season, you better believe that the costume wardrobe at the Munroe house gets a couple sizes bigger.

On a routine visit to Target yesterday, my son spotted a little spec of our most recent father-son indulgence…. a STAR WARS costume.  His countenance lit up like he was standing in the presence of the Imperial Alliance, itself!  All of a sudden, he HAD to be a Storm Trooper for Halloween this year.  (Dads, by the way, think it is so cool when their sons LOVE stuff that they do.  So far, I’ve got him hooked on Superman, Batman, Star Wars, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Wolverine… to name just a few.  At some point, he has roamed our house with muscles flexed,  pretending to be one of the previously mentioned characters.  The reason why us dads think it is so cool….. is because we get to be a kid all over again… little rabbit trail there.)  ANYWAYS… Daddy sprung for the cool costume and matching rifle.  We got home, put the costume on IMMEDIATELY of course, and my little man BECAME a Storm Trooper.  He doesn’t just wear the costume… he becomes the character.  (Below is some footage.)

My point with all of this blabbery is that WE HAVE TO LEARN TO STAY CHILDREN.  Let’s never forget how wondrous, fantastic, amazing, and BIG our universe is… and let’s keep the wonder.  It’s more fun that way.

HERE’s my EWOK STORM TROOPER…. Happy Fall everyone!

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texas longhorn logoClick on the logo to visit, click the PLAY button at the bottom left of the screen, and sing with us!

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The Cracklin’ Rosies

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Okay… I admit it.  I am a bad blogger.  A terrible one.  It’s been forever since we blogged as a family…. REASON BEING…

I am finally home with my family and I ain’t got time to do it!  We’re having too much fun just being healthy together.

I will update on all of the fun as soon as we’re done having it.

Love ya’ll.


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Home sweet home and joyful poop!

I first want to express my apologies for not continuing the blog for a week.  We have been moving home to Dallas from the Houston area.  My doctor gave us the wonderful dismissal news about a week ago, and we have been making the transition back home.  (Well, actually, Eli packed our entire apartment up in an hour, and we left the next morning to Austin, TX to enjoy some time on Lake LBJ.  My lady was MOTIVATED!)

But, NOW…. we are officially Colleyville / Dallas residents again and we are thrilled to be reunited with our kids at our house!  A huge blessing, indeed.

In other news, my son, Gavin, is learning how to go potty on the big-boy potty.  (Is that the technical term for potty training?)  We have to get the little man potty-trained by the end of summer or he can’t advance to his next grade at school?  For those of you who have experienced potty-training your kids…. isn’t it hilarious at how happy YOU get when you actually see your child’s poop floating around in a toilet bowl?  I mean…. aren’t we supposed to be terrified when we see excrement?  I just can’t tell you how weird I feel singing songs and jumping up and down when I see that my 2-year-old put his poopy in the big boy potty.  

I know… I need help.  But all you parents know where I’m coming from right?  Help me out here!

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From the age of innocence…


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